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March 4, 2019

Episode #10: The Power of Sound-Ancient Healing to Modern Technology (Part 1 of 2)

Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of this 2 part series The Doctor Dads interview Siri Amrit Sing Khalsa. 

Born into a family of Kundalini Yoga teachers, Siri Amrit Singh Khalsa was raised with Kundalini Yoga as part of his daily life. He spent much time with Yogi Bhajan through his childhood and shared a strong connection with the Master thereafter. He became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher at 18 years old, upon graduation from Yogi Bhajan's school Miri Piri Academy in India. He spent an additional 2 years in India studying the science of Sound and Mantra with a Master teacher, Ustaad Narinder Singh Sandhu, and continues to maintain these practices in his daily life. Siri Amrit Khalsa lives in beautiful Vancouver, BC with his wife Nirinjan Kaur, and his two sons.


In this podcast The Doctor Dads discuss the power of sound healing with Siri Amrit Khalsa.  Having the opportunity to study yoga and chanting (naad yoga) with mantra for most of his life, he has come to truly appreciate the power of resonance frequency and its application to health and well being.  When generating sound current with the power of Mantra (programmed sound), one is able to change the "frequency" of the body chemistry.  We know through the profound insights from Dr Bruce Lipton (as discussed on previous episodes) and Dr Masaru Emoto in his book "the hidden messages in water" that water can be programmed with the frequency of thought and emotion.  Considering our bodies are mostly made up of this substance we are able to program our body towards health when generating resonant sound frequency using chanting, mantra, yoga, thoughts among many other tools.  Siri talks about how this is just one of the many ways to elevate the frequency of cellular health and encourages the listeners to find a path that stirs your soul and helps to give your life meaning.  


This is an extremely interesting discussion into the power of sound and will set the tone for the next podcast where the doctors will be diving into some cool technologies using sound for healing.  

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