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September 8, 2019

Episode #27- NIS (Neurological Integration System)

The Doctor Dads sat down with The Brain Doctor Dr. James Bentz to talk about NIS (Neurological Integration System). This is a technique that Dr. Wardy just added to his tool bag this year and was trained by Dr. Bentz who is a master of this work for over 20 years. As chiropractors Dr. Jim and Dr. Wardy are constantly working with the nervous system. NIS enables them as practitioners to gather information of signal disruption from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain to see the deeper picture of why the patient is having the dysfunction in their health. Once the signal disruption is restored (Integration) the body can move back towards restoring homeostasis. Every chiropractor needs this in their tool bag to become more efficient and accurate at removing subluxation.

James Bentz D.C. graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, summa cum laude in 1984, and was inducted into the International Chiropractic Honor Society. He holds a B.A. degree in Biology and Conservation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Bentz has been in private practice in Washington State since 1985. He was an author on an article on x-ray accuracy and analysis published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physical Therapy in 1985. In 1996 he was Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition through the International Academy of Applied Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Bentz has been the North American Trainer for the Neurological Integration System (NIS) since 2013. NIS is a system of healthcare based in neuroscience, and Dr. Bentz has trained hundreds of practitioners since 2013 including Chiropractors, M.D.’s, D.O.’s, Acupuncturists, N.D.’s, Occupational and Physical Therapists.

The Neurological Integration System (NIS) has been under development by Allan Phillips D.O. since 1989.  NIS allows practitioners to detect and correct signaling disruption in the brain, and between the brain and the body, thereby optimizing neurological, immune and physiological function.

Dr. Bentz has been raising awareness about the role of the brain in healthcare as a NIS Trainer for several years. Dr. Dan Pompa recently interviewed him on his Cellular Healing TV show about NIS and how he uses it in practice.

Some of the more revealing questions he is asked about NIS and the brain are:

  • What are some of the most exciting discoveries from the recent explosion in brain research?
  • What role does the brain play in health and healing?
  • What kinds of health problems can be resolved by the brain?
  • How do you actually access information in the brain?
  • What do patients experience when you reconnect brain pathways?


Schedule a personal call with Dr. Bentz to discuss NIS:           http://www.livechat.nisusaseminars.com/start

NIS Seminars: https://nisusaseminars.com/

International Neurolink website: https://www.neurolinkglobal.com/

Find Dr. Jim Bentz  - www.fidalgoislandhealthcenter.com

For more information on NIS Seminars call 360-610-9949

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