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The Doctor Dads is a station dedicated to the advancement of the modern man or woman towards mastery of health, mindset, fitness and biohacking.

January 12, 2020

Episode #38- Health & Wellness Trends of 2020: Mental Health, Primal Movement, Sober Curiosity, Pain Moons and more…

Health Trends evolve over time and we are in an exciting time of evolution for health and wellness. 2020 brings a variety of trends that will improve your health. Dr. Nick and Dr. David discuss the trends that they believe have the most value in your journey. Playing and experimenting with new tools can be fun and speed growth of your wellness.

The Doctor Dads 2020 Health & Wellness Trends

  • Mental/Emotional Health
  • Recovery Focused Training
  • Health Biometric Devices
  • Primal Movement
  • Sober Curiosity
  • Pain Moons (aka Wellness Retreats)
  • Plant Based Living/Diet




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