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The Doctor Dads is a station dedicated to the advancement of the modern man or woman towards mastery of health, mindset, fitness and biohacking.

February 23, 2020

Episode #44- REMOVING INTERFERENCE The Brimhall Method Six Steps to Wellness

Health care is treating the whole person and creating the healing from within. In the most difficult cases some call this spontaneous remission, but it's the healing power of our own bodies at work. When we remove interferences from our body we enable our innate to work in its brilliance.

The Doctor Dads sit down with Dr. John Brimhall who has been on a journey of creating healing in thousands of people and has been teaching and sharing his methods with all types of doctors worldwide since the 70's. His approach is aimed towards addressing the root interferences in our health to allow our bodies to heal naturally. The Brimhall Method six steps to wellness approach is known to create miracles daily for practitioners that use his approach.

Dr. John W. Brimhall has lectured with some of the world’s greatest health and
wellness advocates. He holds two co-patents, as an inventor. He has formulated
over 200 nutritional products and is a researcher and consultant for several
Nutritional and Laser Companies. He holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic from
Palmer College of Chiropractic, a B.A. degree in Humanities from New Life College
of California, a B.S. degree in Nutrition from Donsbach University, and completed
his F.I.A.M.A. (Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture). He
is a diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Brimhall’s post-graduate work includes motion palpation, Gonstead Technique,
E.N.T., Activator methods, spinal mechanics, Applied Kinesiology, acupuncture,
cranial and visceral manipulation, Biocranial technique, spinal rehab, injection
techniques and x-ray.

He has published works on topics of nutrition trace minerals,
toxic metals, cranial and visceral techniques, rib and extremity adjusting, stress,
emotional clearing, soft tissue and myofascial release techniques, allergies and
sensitivities, and cold laser therapy (LLLT).Dr. Brimhall is also author of the books entitled, Solving the Health Puzzle with the Six Steps to Wellness and The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed, Vol. III.

For more info on the The Brimhall Method-Six Steps to Wellness Click Below



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