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The Doctor Dads is a station dedicated to the advancement of the modern man or woman towards mastery of health, mindset, fitness and biohacking.

March 29, 2020

Episode #47- Rapid Release Therapy - The next generation of vibration therapy

Rapid Release Therapy is the “go-to” therapy for physical therapists, chiropractors, sports trainers, and the health and medical community. The next generation in vibration therapy, it delivers precise targeted energy to offer fast and effective relief.

The Doctor Dads sit down with Jeff Maier, VP of sales and marketing for Rapid Release Technology and discuss the science used behind the development of this amazing instrument. Jeff schools us on what makes the rapid release so effective- resonance, TVR (Tonic Vibration Reflex), hyaluronic acid viscosity, fascia floating, glycation, and how it gives such an extremely therapeutic effect when used effectively.

Dr Paul Nogier, French neurologist, published in 1972 the frequency of scar tissue and the “Universal Healing Frequency” was 147Hz.

The highly beneficial Tonic Vibration Reflex or TVR is triggered when vibrating muscles between 100 and 200Hz. Rapid Release operates right in the middle of this frequency range.  The TVR is documented in Pubmed to relax the agonist/antagonist co contractions, the mechanism behind spasms, cramps and muscle guarding. According to pubmed, there is strong evidence to suggest enhanced strength, flexibility, stamina and proprioception, strongly suggesting neural enhancement.

Dr. Nick and Dr. David use this device in their clinics and highly recommend this to any practitioner in the health field. Whether you are an athlete, average joe, homemaker, or pain relief seeker the rapid release may just create the magic you are looking for.

Visit www.rapidreleasetech.com or CALL 949-899-6142



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